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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Kathy’s Estate Sales have sales?

I do a sale usually every other week and have conducted over 700 sales.  The whole process takes 10-14 days.  During the first week, we do what we call “set-up”, which is getting everything out and putting it on tables, draped with nice tablecloths. We also bring in bookshelves, jewelry cases, lamps, fans, whatever else we need to conduct the sale.  The second week I bring my laptop and we price everything individually in the house.  On Friday & Saturday, we conduct a 2-day sale.

How do you market your sales?

I have a huge e-mail list (2,500+ subscribers) that I send an e-mail blast out to.  Before I do that, however, I take photos of the items in the house and place the photos online.  I use for advertising, along with my own website, and Facebook.

How many people attend your sales on average?

We have about 500 to 600 people attend a 2-day estate sale.  I have 8 to 12 people (or more) man the sale, depending on the size of the house and the number of smaller items that we need to guard.  I have two people who help carry out larger items to help prevent any damage to your house.

What happens to everything that’s left over?

When we are done, if the client wishes, we donate items to a charity. We donate books to the VNSA. We provide you with an itemized list of donations for your taxes.  We usually sell about 95% of what we start with. When we’re done, the house is left completely empty.  We also offer Professional Cleaning Services.

How “by the book” do you run your sales?

We charge sales tax.  We take credit cards or cash for payment.  I pay the client within 10 working days (one to two weeks).

How does your fee structure work?

As far as my fee goes, it depends on the value of the items that are available for sale.  I would be happy to come out for a free consultation to estimate how much I think the items would sell for.  My minimum charge is $2,500 to conduct a sale.  If sales are under $6,000, my commission would be the minimum charge.  If sales are over $6,000, my commission would be 40%, but could be flexible, depending on how many hours it takes to prepare. I review each house on a case by case basis.

Why the different percentages?

The difference in percentages depends on how clean or cluttered the house is, which translates to how many man hours it would take to get it ready.  We don’t do sales where people still live.  It’s just too cumbersome.  And, of course, the air conditioning and plumbing need to be in good working order.

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