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Kathy’s Estate Sales provides you with a start-to-finish, turn-key solution for your Estate Sale & Real Estate needs.

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Phoenix Area Estate Sale Services

Let Kathy’s Estate Sales help you get top-dollar for your Estate Sale items. Kathy’s Estate Sales provides you with a start-to-finish, turn-key solution for your Estate Sale needs. Kathy’s Estate Sales accepts debit & credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX), Apple Pay, Samsung Wallet, Zelle or cash for payment. The professional staff at Kathy’s Estate Sales will sort through your items and determine the best selling method on a per item basis.

Trusted & Experienced

Kathy’s Estate Sales has over 20+ years in the business! Kathy has conducted over 700 estate sales and counting!

Simple Contracts

Kathy’s Estate Sales contracts are straight forward and to the point. We like having easy-to-read and straight forward contracts ourselves, so we like to treat our clients the same – keep it simple and with respect.


Say what you do. Do what you say. We like to keep it simple. We will show up and we will get the job done.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kathy’s Estate Sales will be your start-to-finish one-stop-shop for helping you liquidate your assets. Kathy’s Estate Sales can assist with selling all of your items as well as help you sell your house through our real estate partners.

What items can we liquidate?


Home Decor


Kitchen Items


Fine & Costume Jewelry


Automobiles & RVs



Appliances & Electronics

Real Estate

Happy Customers

Shelly Cahill

Not only have I been going to Kathy’s sales for over a decade, I also contracted with her and her team to conduct my own estate sale when I was downsizing. Couldn’t have been easier, I got a very hefty check, and a great feeling that my things were going to new homes to be loved by someone else.
I highly recommended going to her sales, as well as using her services if you find yourself in need.”

K. Dickie

My mother couldn’t dispose of anything, and when she passed away, my brother and I inherited a lifetime’s worth of belongings to add to our own. Some years later we wanted to move but needed help with the clutter: enter Kathy’s Estate Sales. Kathy and her experienced staff prepared and priced our knickknacks, jewelry, and furniture, then organized and conducted the entire sales operation in a highly efficient and most satisfactory manner. Had we known how hassle-free it could be, we would have contacted Kathy’s Estate Sales years earlier! And talk about professionalism: Kathy never even flinched upon seeing I was still in possession of a broken 1960s Monkees hand puppet and a 1970s Farrah Fawcett poster.
— K. Dickie

Becky Evans

“Thank you! You did an amazing job! You absolutely made a stressful, life-changing move into a hopeful, life-enriching experience. You can always count on my family’s whole-hearted endorsement for the kind, generous and professional service you provide.”
— Becky Evans

Karen Ussery

“We interviewed three estate sale companies, Kathy’s being the third. She was sensitive and compassionate to our grieving. On the morning of the sale, we left a house full of tagged items and returned to an almost-empty house. It was a huge relief. We would highly recommend Kathy and her staff to anyone who needs to liquidate for whatever reason.”
— Karen Ussery

M. Bueghly

“Kathy’s Estate Sales did a wonderful job liquidating my parents’ 3,000+ sq. ft. house crammed full of their 50 years of collecting. Kathy not only dealt with the family attorney, but tactfully and delicately worked with all the siblings in our family to make everyone happy, and that’s quite an amazing accomplishment! I have referred Kathy’s Estate Sales to my friends and business associates and will continue to do so.”
— M. Bueghly


How often does Kathy's Estate Sales have sales?

I do a sale almost every 2 weeks and have conducted over 700 sales.  The whole process takes 2 weeks.

Step 1: We do what we call “set-up”, which is getting everything out and putting it on tables, draped with nice tablecloths. We also bring in bookshelves, jewelry cases, lamps, fans, whatever else we need to conduct the sale. 

Step 2: We bring our mobile internet service and laptop and we price everything individually in the house. 

Step 3: On Friday & Saturday, we conduct a 2-day sale.”

How do you market your sales?

We market photos and videos on the following platforms:

1. We e-mail our subscriber list (2,800+ subscribers!)
2. EstateSales.net
3. Facebook Business Page
4. Instagram
5. YouTube Channel

How many people attend your sales on average?

We have about 500 to 600 people attend the average 2-day estate sale.  I have 8 to 10 people (or more) man the sale, depending on the size of the house and the number of smaller items that we need to guard.  I have people who help carry out larger items to help prevent any damage to your house.

What happens to everything that's left over?

When we are done, if the client wishes, we donate the remaining items and provide you with an itemized list of donations for your taxes.

We usually sell about 95% of what we start with. When we’re done, the house is completely empty, ready for you and/or your Realtor!

How by the book do you run your sales?

We charge sales tax. We take debit & credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover & AMEX), Apple Pay, Samsung Wallet, Zelle and/or cash for payment.  I pay the client within 10 working days (one to two weeks).

How does your fee structure work?
As far as my fee goes, it depends on the value of the items that are available for sale.  I would be happy to come out for a free consultation to estimate how much I think the items would sell for.  My minimum charge is $3,000 to conduct a sale.  Standard commission is 40%. Fees may vary.

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