Tea sets can be a popular find in Kathy’s Estate Sales. This may have been because of the rich history that it holds. A sterling silver tea set was an essential group of kitchenware that was highly used by the aristocrats of England. The set was taken out daily during those afternoons when they would lounge in their dens and enjoy their teas.

History of Tea Time

Old British meals consisted of only two meals: breakfast and dinner. Breakfast was composed of beef, ale, and bread. Dinner was then served at noon. During the turn of the eighteenth century however, dinner for the aristocrats was moved to a very late hour in the evening. It was believed that the creation of tea time served in a sterling silver tea set was made to fill up their stomachs while waiting for dinner time.

Afternoon Tea or “Low Tea”

With a sterling silver tea set, these are usually done in a sitting room. There are basically three types of afternoon tea. The first is the cream tea which is composed of tea, scones, jam and cream. Light tea is served with tea, scones and sweets. Full tea is comprised of tea, savories (small appetizers or sandwiches), scones, sweets, and dessert. Afternoon tea in England is commonly served between four to five o’clock in the afternoon and ends before seven o’clock in the evening.

Tea Etiquette

A tea cup from a sterling silver tea set is held by placing the thumb at the six o’clock position and the index finger at the twelve o’clock position. The pinkie is then raised to improve balance. In cooling the tea in the teacup, the liquid is merely folded by moving the spoon back and forth on the six and twelve o’clock marks on the teacup.

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