Are you fond of attending auctions, garage sales or yard sales? Do you love the thrill and excitement of purchasing quality antique items at affordable prices? Then consider Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe if you are planning to attend estate sales. It is not only a perfect destination to find antique and collectors’ items, but it is the perfect place to go for someone with a limited budget. The high-quality and durable items that you will purchase will surely be worth the money. This is because among the Estate Sales companies that service Tempe, Kathy’s Estate Sales is considered to be a collector’s haven, for it is a one-stop shop where you can find all the items you are wanting to collect such as pottery, costume and fine jewelries, antique decorator items, vintage and collectible furniture pieces and much more.

Why visit Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe?

Kathy’s is a top-notched professional Estate Sales company servicing Tempe, Arizona. It is managed and supervised by experienced, friendly and professional employees who cater to the needs of its customers. Moreover, it has a user-friendly website that provides news and updates of the latest products, collector’s items and offerings. Kathy’s friendly, helpful staff make shopping in Tempe an enjoyable experience! Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe is the place to be!

Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe’s Antique Collecting Advice:

1) Research

Antique collection is not as easy as you may think. Besides the funds required to pursue this hobby, you need to ensure that the items you’re purchasing are genuine. So before buying anything, do your research and assess the credibility of the Estate Sales Tempe company that you’re purchasing from. Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe is a most credible source when shopping for these types of items.

2) Create a Feasible Budget

Like your previous items purchased, you need to set your budget on how much funds you can spare to buy items at Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe. Establishing a specified budget prevents you from overspending and buying unnecessary pieces.

3) Shopping List

Create a shopping list based on the items you see at the Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe listing on their website.

4) Become an Early Bird

For the best selection of items at Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe, be sure to arrive early.

The following are just some of the items available at Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe:

  • Antique and Modern Furniture Pieces
  • Sterling Silver and Silver Plate Items
  • Pottery, Glasswre and Dishes
  • Antiques and Vintage Collectibles
  • Tools
  • Books
  • Linens
  • Clothing & Accessories, vintage and modern
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry – Fine, Costume, Sterling
  • And much more

How to be Notified of Upcoming Sales…

It’s so simple to be informed of upcoming sales at Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe. Just fill out the online membership form shown at the “Join Our E-mail List” section of our website. Once you’ve registered, you will be notified of upcoming sales. Act now and register! It only takes a minute to ensure you get the chance to experience Kathy’s Estate Sales in Tempe!