Mid-Century Collectibles are difficult to find due to their popularity. Locating these Mid-Century collectible vintage items can be tedious and time-consuming. Every antique collector would love to have Mid-Century Collectibles added to their collection. Kathy’s Estate Sales is here for you if you are planning to go to estate sales that sell these types of vintage pieces! Kathy’s Estate Sales is not only a perfect venue to buy antique and collectors’ items, but it is the best destination if you have limited funds. You will be able to buy quality items on a budget. Among the companies offering Mid-Century Collectibles, Kathy’s Estate Sales is a one-stop shopping destination where you can find all the mid-century collectible items you are looking for such as potteries, designer furniture, costume and fine jewelries, fine art and paintings, advertising pieces, vintage clothing and much more.

Why go to Kathy’s Estate Sales for Mid-Century Collectibles?

Kathy’s Estate Sales is a reputable company selling Mid-Century Collectibles which is managed by experienced, credible and amiable staff who offer quality service to their customers. Kathy’s Estate Sales has its own user-friendly website which provides photos and offerings of the latest Mid-Century Collectible items. Kathy’s Estate Sales is the place to be due to its vast offering of Mid-Century Collectibles if you are having difficulty finding an antique shop. Why spend time and money visiting different antique shops if you already have Kathy’s Estate Sales? Waste no effort driving around town – simply come to one of Kathy’s Estate Sales’ sales.

Kathy’s Estate Sales Advice on Mid-Century Collectibles

1) Do your Research!

Collecting mid-century antique items is a complicated process because you do not only invest money but you need to have enough time to look for the items you want to purchase and collect. Additionally, you need to make sure the antique items you purchase are genuine. Do your research and assess the Mid-Century Collectibles you wish to buy before your purchase.

2) Establish a Feasible Budget!

You need to set a budget on how much money you can invest in buying these collectors’ items as you did with your previous acquisitions. Establishing a specified budget prevents you from overspending and buying unnecessary pieces.

3) Shopping List

Prepare your list of Mid-Century Collectibles you plan to buy at Kathy’s Estate Sales. Make sure you remember your list, otherwise you may go over budget!

4) Arrive Early

Be sure to arrive early to avoid heavy traffic of clients who intend to buy Mid-Century Collectibles. Be sure to get to the Estate Sales early or “just in time” for the sales to begin to ensure that you can buy all the items you want!

What Mid-Century Collectibles Are Sold at Kathy’s Estate Sales?

  • Mid-Century and Antique Furniture
  • Kitchen Items, Vintage and Modern
  • Vintage and Costume Jewelry
  • Sterling and Silver Plate
  • Potteries, Glassware and China
  • Vintage and Antique Collections of Different Types
  • Vintage Linens
  • Books
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • And Much More

How can you get notified of upcoming Kathy’s Estate Sales?

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