Are you looking for the best deals for antique silver spoons? If you’re reading this, you probably are. Now, you have discovered an additional place to look for them…at an estate sale! It’s a great place to find both sterling and silver plated antique silver spoons.

Why Collect Antique Silver Spoons?

Spoons have been around since the dawn of mankind. It was a very crude yet functional technological tool that helped us to grow. The start of using silverware as spoons began in Europe as early as the 14th Century, making antique silver spoons a highly collectible item. 

Collecting Vintage Spoons

Collecting antique silver spoons can be quite enjoyable and sometimes challenging as these collectibles, especially the very sought after and rare ones, can be difficult to find. It is like a treasure hunt to hunt them down and find new additions to add to your collection.

If you’re lucky enough (and skilled enough) to find antique silver spoons from many centuries ago, you can gather a collection worth significant value.  The more you know about the history of your item, the better.

How to Get These Types of Spoons

When acquiring antique silver spoons, it’s a good idea to have a working knowledge of what you’re actually looking for. Every collector tends to specialize in certain areas. But all collectors are happy to find an additional outlet to look for their special item.  Searching the internet for estate sale companies in your area is a good place to start.

One highly recommended estate sale company in the Phoenix area is Kathy’s Estate Sales which can help in your search for antique silver spoons, in addition to other collectibles you might be looking for.  Check out their website and sign up for their email list to receive notices of upcoming sales in your area. Contact them today!