Are you looking for good, reasonably priced sterling silver bowls? If you are, then you have definitely come to the right place. A good place to start looking for sterling silver bowls would be at an estate sale or your local vintage shops. You could also look for other hard-to-find vintage and collectible items.

Why The Interest in Sterling Silver Bowls?

Sterling silver bowls make a nice addition to your vintage sterling flatware collection. They are difficult to find in retail stores, which would lead you to find other avenues to purchase them.

Sterling silver bowls are a sought-after commodity that can be fairly pricey. But if you’re lucky enough to find one at an estate sale, vintage store, or even a thrift store, you would be wise to snap it up!

How To Know if Sterling Silver Bowls are a Good Buy

Sterling silver bowls come in different shapes and sizes. To know if your would-be purchase is the real deal, you need to have some working knowledge about sterling silver bowls. First, check for its condition; look for dents or scratches. Also look for the words “Sterling” or “925” imprinted on the piece.  Second, check to see if it has monograms; these indicate that they were owned by others and may diminish the value. Except of course, if influential people owned them; then the value may be much higher. Finally, try to find out if there is some history associated with the item. The more information you know about the item the better. Now you’re ready to make an intelligent decision about your possible purchase.

Where to Get ‘Em…

Sterling silver bowls can be both purchased or sold through Kathy’s Estate Sales. Peruse their website today for their items of the week. You never know what you may find! You could even sign up for their email list to be notified of upcoming sales. Contact them today!