Your used silver flatware might have used up its essence on you, but it still could be a good find for someone shopping at one of Kathy’s Estate Sales! Vintage or used silver flatware can still hold a luster and shine that will capture the hearts of many homeowners looking for ornate pieces to use when entertaining. It could be an asset that could be a very lucrative move for you to sell.

Unmatched Silver Flatware

Odd and used silver flatware can be sold to many precious metals dealers. These buyers base their prices on the metal content alone. The amount that you will receive is based on the current commodity price for that particular metal. If selling in this manner to these dealers, it would be a good move for you to wait out a rising price for silver since it will bring you a higher dollar amount. However, if you feel that you are not being offered a fair price, it would be wise to check out other buying sources.

Small Sets

If your used silver flatware has complete table settings then its value could possibly be higher. It may be a small set for four or six place settings, but buyers are in search of complete sets as they are hard to find, especially those that were manufactured a long time ago. There are many interested parties that would wish to acquire your small set so choose wisely and select the one that offers the best deal.

Estate Sets

An estate set of used silver flatware, especially sterling silver, is a huge treasure. You should find a prominent auction house or an estate sale company for the proper appraisal. There are individuals that will even buy your set outright at a hefty price, although they are harder to find.

Selling your used silver flatware could be a chance for you to generate some much needed  income. Contact Kathy’s Estate Sales today for a free consultation!