You’ve probably attempted to either sell or donate your silver flatware because you no longer think of it as a very practical commodity nowadays. It might be that you want to dispose of them simply because they are hard to maintain. If this is the case, it would be a good idea for you to understand the current trend of silver flatware prices. Some internet sites like Kathy’s Estate Sales can be helpful in your search.

Checking your Silver Flatware

Silver flatware prices nowadays vary since there are a myriad of types of flatware on the market. With the influx of new designer flatware, silver flatware prices have gone up considerably in comparison to what they used to be. But then again, silver flatware prices are relative to the qualities it might possess.

When selling these items, it is good to become familiar with silver flatware prices. This might require a little research and putting forth some effort into the process of identifying whether the silver flatware is of good quality or a plated, cheaper version. One may use a magnifying glass and check out the details of the flatware or he or she can bring it to an expert like Kathy’s Estate Sales and conveniently solicit from them an estimated value of silver flatware prices.

Prices of Silver Flatware

Silver flatware prices can vary from shop to shop. The prices usually depend on the antiquity of the pieces and also the quality and value of the silver. According to one source, sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver, is currently sold at approximately $26 an ounce. Pieces that have intricate designs of course are more valuable.

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