New parents usually want to bring their baby into the world with grand schemes and wonderful ideas filled with love and endearment. One wonderful tradition is getting them a sterling silver baby spoon. Of course, you can purchase a brand new sterling silver baby spoon in a retail store. But if you are looking for a nice vintage sterling silver baby spoon, a good place to find one would be at a local estate sale.

Silver and Its Connotations

We’ve all heard the saying, “born with a silver spoon on his/her mouth,” which simply means that a child is born to wealthy parents. This idea isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as almost all parents obviously want their kids to have all that they need or desire even at an early stage. A sterling silver baby spoon isn’t necessarily a luxury, but can be a wonderful gift that has deep symbolism, a special welcoming gift to a new little person.

Silver and Its Symbolism

Silver is symbolic of vision and clarity because of its bright appearance. It is also a symbol of strength as physically metal is hard and malleable in nature. With a sterling silver baby spoon, strength is offered to the child symbolically.

Silver is equivocal to subtle strength, with the inherent wonders of having a sterling silver baby spoon, the holder is provided the message that he or she is to be like silver – be flexible enough to be molded into something better yet strong enough to keep his or her core integrity intact.

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