When looking through estate sales such as those by Kathy’s Estate Sales, you might encounter sterling silver tea service sets that are being sold at hefty prices. Although they are not widely used today, these tea sets used to be a staple in every home in old Western tradition. This is a set of serving pieces that were used for afternoon teas and tea parties.

History of Tea Sets

The sterling silver tea service had its roots from China during the Han Dynasty. Tea ware was made of porcelain. Tea was not even the main thing that these porcelains held. In fact, the crushed leaves (where tea was traditionally from) were only used as elixirs and not as drinks for social gatherings. The ancient teapots, however, were a sight to behold in their elaborate and ornate designs. It was not until later that tea, whisked into a frothy confection, became a drink enjoyed and prized by the Chinese aristocrats.

Traditional Tea Set

The sterling silver tea service was derived from the traditional tea set that is commonly used. Typically, it consists of four items: a teapot, teacups with their matching saucers, a sugar bowl, and a milk pitcher (which is also known as a creamer or jug). These were the vital things that a tea set has that are commonly used on a daily basis during afternoon teas among the middle and high classes in ancient Western countries.

Formal Tea Service

Along with the traditional tea set, a formal sterling silver tea service includes a coffee pot, a kettle, a bowl, and a tray to hold everything in. This is a very expensive tea set and is only taken out during formal and elaborate tea parties. For larger services, a coffeepot made of silver is included to form a tea and coffee service.

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