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Today’s Silver Flatware Value

Just by being at this webpage, it can be concluded that you are thinking about selling your sterling or plated flatware set. How to determine silver flatware value can be a complicated question, so a number of questions will need to be answered first. Is your flatware sterling silver or plated? Is it vintage or modern? Is it in good, like-new condition, or does it show some wear and tear? Hopefully we can help you in your search for silver flatware value.

Selling Silver Flatware

Because silver flatware tends to require high maintenance (needs polishing), silver flatware is not very popular with the current generation of people who entertain. People are slowly selling their valuable pieces in order to save space and avoid the burden of polishing them in order to prevent them from tarnishing. Kathy’s Estate Sales is one good option to sell your silver flatware. In addition to helping you arrive at a current silver flatware value, they can also assist you in selling your flatware.

The Value of Silver Flatware 

Silver flatware value depends on a number of variables. It’s a good idea to research and understand the different reasons that determine the value of silver flatware. Here are some ideas on how to learn more about your silver flatware value:

1)      Be sure to know the approximate age of your pieces because there is a definite variation in the value. The nicer condition, the better.

2)      Presence of monograms can affect the value and lessen it.

3)      Larger sized flatware require more silver, and more silver equals more value.

4)      The availability of the silverware also dictates the value. Pieces that are no longer available or were limited in production provide higher silver flatware value.

So there you go, now you can sell your pieces based on a higher level of knowledge about what you’re doing. But, before you go and sell them right away please do check out Kathy’s Estate Sales. Call them today!

Sterling Silver Baby Spoon: Where to Get Them

New parents usually want to bring their baby into the world with grand schemes and wonderful ideas filled with love and endearment. One wonderful tradition is getting them a sterling silver baby spoon. Of course, you can purchase a brand new sterling silver baby spoon in a retail store. But if you are looking for a nice vintage sterling silver baby spoon, a good place to find one would be at a local estate sale.

Silver and Its Connotations

We’ve all heard the saying, “born with a silver spoon on his/her mouth,” which simply means that a child is born to wealthy parents. This idea isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as almost all parents obviously want their kids to have all that they need or desire even at an early stage. A sterling silver baby spoon isn’t necessarily a luxury, but can be a wonderful gift that has deep symbolism, a special welcoming gift to a new little person.

Silver and Its Symbolism

Silver is symbolic of vision and clarity because of its bright appearance. It is also a symbol of strength as physically metal is hard and malleable in nature. With a sterling silver baby spoon, strength is offered to the child symbolically.

Silver is equivocal to subtle strength, with the inherent wonders of having a sterling silver baby spoon, the holder is provided the message that he or she is to be like silver – be flexible enough to be molded into something better yet strong enough to keep his or her core integrity intact.

Why Check Out Kathy’s Estate Sales

Kathy’s Estate Sales is an online site that can help you with your search for some of the best deals, including purchasing a sterling silver baby spoon. If you are looking for reasonably priced silver pieces, shopping at estate sales could work out for you! Call or email Kathy’s Estate Sales for more information. Better yet, sign up for their email list and receive notices for upcoming sales! Contact them today!

Guide to Sterling Silver Flatware

Looking for some elegant and exquisitely fashioned sterling silver flatware to add to your collection? Do you want to fill up that missing spot in your china cabinet with some of the best and reasonably priced sterling silver flatware? I know you would, and by that smile on your face you are definitely on the right path towards getting the best sterling silver flatware.

Why Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver flatware can be found in both antique and modern versions. Commonly, antique sterling silver flatware is more valuable than newer flatware. Overall, visiting estate sales is a good place to find both antique and modern sterling silver flatware.

How to Check for the Value of Silver Flatware 

The value of sterling silver flatware can be gauged through some simple methods and standards.  One standard is checking for its condition.  If it is used, is it still in good condition?  Is there any indication of damage? The most valuable sterling silver flatware is of course, vintage flatware with the fewest signs of wear. Another tip on how to tell if the silver flatware is more valuable is its presence of some intricate designs and its heritage and/or the designer who conceptualized it. Generally, flatware with highly delicate details and those made by elite designers are more valuable and collectible.

Obtaining Silver Flatware

When purchasing sterling silver flatware pieces one must think about the need to research and put some effort into the whole process. Getting what you want is quite challenging if you don’t know where to start. A good place to start would be at an estate sale company like Kathy’s Estate Sales.

Kathy’s Estate Sales is known to offer many types of sterling silver flatware for reasonable prices.  They have a reputation for quality items at bargain prices.  For more details, check out their website today and join their email list to be notified of upcoming sales!

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